June Digest




In the past month I finished my first year of Seminary! I loved my first year and was grateful for all that I learned and experienced. I was pretty tired by the end, so it's been nice to have a month to travel, read for pleasure, and rest. Looking back, I liked to call my first year Presbyterianism 101. I'd only been to one Presbyterian church before going to Columbia, so the past year as been full of learning about the denomination i have chosen to be a part of. It's been a wonderful season and I've loved what I've learned so far. The church is messy and hard, but it is so, so beautiful.



This will come to a surprise to approximately zero of the people whom I have come in recent contact with, but I can't get enough of Anne of Green Gables. My mom read these books to me in elementary school and I have vivid memories of her bawling during the last book as I urged her on. Rereading these books (and re-watching the 1985 classic) has been such joy. I accidentally skipped two books because they weren't included in the kindle addition that I got, so I now I two more left to read. Oh Gilbert Blythe, never change. (And yes, 'Anne with an E' definitely belongs in the category below too!)



I have a lot of TV to catch up on this summer! With my year-round shows going on summer hiatus, I'm finally starting all the streaming shows, starting with season 3 of Kimmy Schidt. Also on the list: Dear White People, The Get Down (almost done with S2), Master of None S2, Girlboss, and Veep.



This month I started a food blog and I'm so excited about it! Since I'm traveling on and off for a month, the updates are few and far between, but I'm building it up. I love to cook- to nourish my body, to love on friends, and to learn something new. I'm excited to share it with my friends. My photographer friend Leslie will be in DC all summer, so we'll have to make do with sub-par photos. For now, here's my favorite guacamole recipe. 



Can't stop, won't stop. I tried to hate Bieber for too long, and now I've just given in. I don't care if I have a good taste in music or not, I just love him. I even created an entire road trip playlist around it because I just wanted to listen to it. 



There's nothing I enjoy more than my favorite city in the sunshine. I've been in Seattle for two weeks, and it has felt just like home. I was worried that I would feel like a stranger after 10 months, but as soon as I walked the familiar streets and saw my favorite mountains, I was reminded how much I love this city. I love my life in Atlanta, but there is something so special about Seattle, and Bethany Presbyterian, where I am known and loved in a very special way.



I'm headed to Ethiopia! My parents have been living in Hawassa, Ethiopia for the last year and I'm going to visit them! I'm so excited to see them for the first time in 10 months and to see the country they've been living in. We're going to see the stone churches in Lalibela (pictured above) and then spend the rest of my time in their city and in the capitol of Addis Ababa. On the way back, I'm extending my layover in Doha, Qatar for a few days, because why not?