Apartment Tour

I've become quite a homebody in the last few years. I love feeling settled, feeling at home. With each house I've lived in, I've become more and more at home there. I love hanging art on the walls, arranging furniture, and stacking books on their shelves. But even more, I love having friends around my dining table, people standing in my kitchen, movie nights on the couch, and lazy Saturday mornings drinking tea in my bedroom. I love offering my space to others and I am so excited for the chance to do that here at Columbia. Most of the students live in the dorms, although they're more like apartment buildings. I'm excited about having my own space, while still being surrounded in community.

As my friends know, I am obsessed with tiny houses. I can't wait to build my own some day, but I also really like things. I'm a bit at war with myself. This little apartment is the perfect opportunity for me to practice tiny house living. I think I'm going to like it here.