It all starts with my mom

My mom is an incredible cook, thanks to her mom and 6 years living in Rome and Florence, Italy. In our house, we ate pasta at least once a week, with salad straight from the garden in the summer and pizza in the brick pizza oven my dad built in the backyard. I had no idea how how lucky I was. Food is a part of my family's DNA and once I moved out of the dorms in college, I realized I had to start learning to cook for myself. 6 years later, I've come to love cooking to feed myself and my friends. Cooking is a spiritual practice, of learning, of hospitality, and of slowing down.

This blog came to life last spring after people kept telling my I should have a blog for all the food I make. I ignored the suggestions for a long time since there is no shortage of food blogs on the internet. However, I've often felt like there was a lack of recipes that could be easily prepared either for a single person or a whole family. I've been primarily cooking for just myself and it presents a different set of challenges than cooking for a family. My hope is that these recipes will be:

1) delicious
2) relatively simple to make
3) accessible for those with food sensitivities and restrictions
4) adaptable from single people to families

If you always stick to the same recipes or say that you "can't cook", I hope this is the blog for you. 

This blog really came to life with the help of my friend Leslie. Leslie is a photographer and storyteller (and is gluten-free!) and she was looking for a fun creative outlet. The photos are beautiful and I'm so grateful for her friendship and collaboration.